城市、城镇 & 村庄

卡尤加族的 城镇和村庄 offer a great place to base your Finger Lakes getaway. These locales are truly the essence of what the Finger Lakes are all about—rural charm with a sophisticated flair. Our great restaurants, unique shops, 和 fine service won’t disappoint you.


Cayuga’s county seat 和 its largest community boasts first-rate historical 和 cultural attractions such as the 哈丽特塔布曼 Home 和 Seward House Museum, 通往奥瓦斯科湖的公园通道, 专业戏剧和棒球, 还有其他各种各样的景点, 美食, 住宿选择. 奥本 is the location of many countywide government offices 和 services in the banking, 金融, 法律, 以及医疗领域.  

市中心 是商业活动的中心吗, 和 in the 市中心 Business Improvement District alone, 有200多家零售店, 金融, 食物, 娱乐, 以及专业企业, as well as dozens of not-for-profit organizations 和 government agencies. 游览奥本的最佳时间是 第一个周五 of every month when historical 和 cultural sites open their doors to visitors with 食物, 娱乐, 免费入场, 下午5点到8点特价.m. 


Settled in 1799, the tranquil village of 极光 is situated on the east side of Cayuga Lake. To the north, it is home to the renowned home accessories company, MacKenzie-Childs, LLC., 和 to the south is Wells College, established in 1868 by Henry Wells. 像奥罗拉酒店,E.B. Morgan House, 和 The Fargo are wonderful places to shop, dine, 和 spend the night.


在地理上, 卡托 is surrounded by some of the best-formed drumlins in the world, with water paths moving north to Lake Ontario 和 south to the Seneca River. This pattern accounts for its beautiful small lakes 和 ponds, 和 recreational opportunities abound. These include the 卡托-Meridian Recreational Center, North Trail, 卡托 Golf Club, 和 Cross Lake. 

卡尤加族/ Montezuma

塞内卡河穿越运河历史区, 被列入国家史迹名录, 位于蒙特祖玛镇 伊利运河国家遗产走廊. The Cayuga-Seneca Canal (1828) joined with the Erie Canal (1820), 开启了通往五指湖及其他地区的航线. A 140-acre park connects several nature trails to the remains of historic canal sites 和 natural resources along today’s Seneca River/NYS Barge Canal.

卡尤加村, 成立于1857年, is located on the northeast end of Cayuga Lake 和 is the longest of the six major Finger Lakes at 40 miles. 湖的北端延伸到 蒙特祖玛国家野生动物保护区, 7,000 acres of wetl和 that provide habitat for more than 300 species of birds 和 wildlife. 


位于安大略湖的南岸, this area has changed from a shipping port to a resort community. It features some of the best fishing, swimming, boating, 和 camping in New York State. Unique attractions include the Sterling Renaissance Festival, 美港海滩州立公园, 斯特林湖滨公园 & Nature Center, 和 the Little Red School House Museum.


Just south of 极光, King Ferry 和 Genoa form the agricultural heart of Cayuga County. Their attractions include the Rural Life Museum 和 the award-winning King Ferry Winery. 


洛克, 哪个是1802年成立的, is another peaceful rural community with beautiful farml和, 历史性的墓地, 和 Grisamore农场, a busy family-run fruit 和 vegetable u-pick with a picnic area, petting zoo, 和 tours. 


米勒德·菲尔莫尔, 美国第13任总统, was born five miles east of the Village of Moravia. A replica of his log cabin birthplace is in Fillmore Glen State Park, with a deep limestone 和 shale glen with five waterfalls, 石墙游泳池, 一个野营地, 一个亭子, 还有野餐区. 附近的, New Hope Mills has a water-powered grist mill 和 is famous for its pancake flour available in its country store. 

港口拜伦/ Mentz

成立于1837年, 港口拜伦 is situated on the Owasco Lake Outlet 和 former Erie Canal near the town of Mentz. 1825年伊利运河完工, 给村里的生意带来了新的动力, 人口迅速增加, 和 soon made it one of the principal grain markets in western New York. 


This national historic district is in Sherwood in Cayuga County, New York. 该地区由28个物业组成, 有些与地下铁路有关, 其中大部分建于1820年至1910年之间. The properties tell stories of dedication to abolition, women’s rights, 和 education. 参观 豪兰·斯通商店博物馆, the former family business of Quaker abolitionist Emily Howl和. On view are historical items 和 memorabilia from her accomplishments 和 worldwide travels.


位于90号风景公路洛克以东, 夏山 boasts the birthplace of 米勒德·菲尔莫尔, 美国第13任总统. Fillmore was born in a log cabin in 1800 on Fillmore Road. The town recently completed a project honoring Fillmore’s birthplace. On location now st和s a recreational pavilion 和 a park for public use. 在5平方英里之内, visitors enjoy the town’s high elevation 和 natural assets of Lake Como 和 Fall Brook.


结合泉 位于卡尤加湖的东岸, with Frontenac Park offering visitor amenities 和 lake access. As might be expected, the town’s name is derived from the many springs within its boundaries. Two of the largest, dammed to form ponds, were the source of power for the earliest industries. Other springs have a strong taste of sulfur 和 contain various minerals of interest to geologists. Gypsum 和 limestone played an essential part in the town’s industrial development, 还有它作为疗养胜地的吸引力. 

Weedsport /布鲁特斯

Weedsport, 以前被称为杂草盆地,” was incorporated in 1831 as the site for the early development of the Erie Canal. There are still remnants of the Centerport Aqueduct, providing an excellent example of Erie Canal stonework. Weedsport is known for the Weedsport Speedway, the DIRT Hall of Fame, 和 the Classic Car Museum.